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Acupressure zone stimulating massage stick / C-19

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SKU: C-19

Acupressure zones stimulating stick  / C-19

 This is a tool to stimulate the acupressure zone of the body. The long handle provide an excellent reach so you can easily use this on your self.

  • PAIN RELIEF - Relieves back pain with trigger point therapy, kneading out sore muscles. Applies acupressure, stimulating nerves, releasing endorphins, and relieving stress.
  • IMPROVE BLOOD FLOW: Increases blood flow to tight muscles through myofascial release. 
  • TENSION RELEASE: Releases tension and relaxes muscles by driving out waste from muscle fibers.
  • TRIGGER POINT THERAPY: A trigger point or a muscle knot is a constricted area within the muscle that causes pain. Trigger Point Therapy works to alleviate the muscle knots through pressure and release, helping ease referred pain.

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