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E-19A, E-19B Plastic Liner Bags for Foot Bath Buckets (Rolls)

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SKU: E-19B

Whether detox, herbal or a relaxing salt scrub, if offering foot baths or soaks is a part of your business, you're going to need plastic liners for your buckets (casks, tubs or whatever you want to call it)! For those who offer detoxification foot baths will appreciate the semi-transparency to easily gauge the color of the water inside. Using disposable liner bags helps prevent any cross contamination between clients and makes for much easier clean-ups (save 5-10 minutes of cleaning time)!

Using a liner is simple--f you've ever replaced a trash bag, you know how to do this: simply open the liner bag and insert it in the bucket, tuck the bag bottom into the corners of the bucket, fold the top of the liner bag over the opening of the bucket and you're done!

Choosing the right size is important! You don't want to have to stretch a plastic liner to fit over the opening of the bucket. Doing so compromises the structural integrity of the liner and you may end up with a ruptured liner bag. Trust us, nobody wants to clean that up! Using too short of a bag can be equally messy with the risk of the bath water spilling over and out of the liner bag. We have a number of different sizes for a variety of buckets. Just measure your bucket, find the bag size with a larger opening and height (depth), and use the product selector to choose!

Sizes and Details
(Measurements are W" x H". Diameter ⌀ measurements can be used if bucket has circle-shaped opening and should be measured from the outer walls)

24" x 24" - E-19B
: 15.27"
Thickness: 8 microns
Package Contents: 1000 liners (boxed rolls) 

30" x 37" - E-19A
: 19.1"
Thickness: 13 microns
Package Contents: 500 liners (boxed rolls)

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