Swivel Stool / T-07A8/T-07A9

SKU: T-07A8

The rotating top features 3¼" of plush cushioning which is big ,thick and comfortable.

The top is wrapped in stitched vinyl for ultimate comfort and easy cleanup. This vinyl is high-tech imitation leather which is wearproof and tearproof, even resistant to scratching of metal tools.

The pneumatic center column is operated by a simple lever to let you quickly adjust to your desired height, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. And the 5-wheeled base lets you move about free and easy without having to get up.

Perfect for use in the laboratory, salon and spas and anywhere else you'd need a versatile chair. 


Color:  T-07A8 Coffee, T-07A9 Black
Cover Material: Vinyl
Diameter: 13"
Height:   18"- 235"

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