A&A Adjustable Wooden Frame Massage Table / T-10F1/ T-10F2

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SKU: T-10F1


The T-10F1 massage table features a sturdy wooden frame that has a height adjustment of 10.5". The included face cradle and armrest support are both removable and adjustable. A face hole with plug is also built into the table itself. The space underneath the table is a great place for the storage of towels and other massage supplies. 

- Black - T-10F1
- Burgundy - T-10F2

Table top dimensions: 32½" x 75" x 5¼"
Height: 25¼" adjustable to 35¾"
Face cradle: 11" x 11"
Ground coverage: 24½" x 70"
Supported weight: up to 500 lbs.

Package Contents
- Massage Table
- Face hole plug
- Adjustable Face Cradle
- Adjustable arm rest

Shipping by F.O.T.—Max 4 units per pallet 


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