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TAIYI Top Quality Pure Moxa Roll (60:1) F-02A8

$18.85 $13.85
SKU: F-02A8

TAIYI Top Quality Pure Moxa Roll  F-02A8

TAIYI brand Top Grade Pure moxa Roll is the professional moxa roll for the acupuncturist in China. we are very proud of  that we can supply this brand moxa products in USA for all acupuncturist.

Package: 10 pcs /box 
Package size: 8" X 3.55" X1.5"
Single piece size: Length-8" Diameter: 0.75"

Moxibustion can be used to prevent diseases and maintain health as part of tonification treatments to help strengthen the organs and immune system. It warms the meridians and expels cold. It can be used to promote circulation over areas of chronic pain or muscle tension.

Caution: Use of this product may cause burns and is intended to be used by professional practitioners only.



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