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Large Wooden Bathtub / E-40

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Wooden Bath Barrel/  wood bucket/ wooden bath cask/ # E-40

Made of Cedar wood 

L47" x W24" x H30.75"


The solid wood barrel has a unique texture to touch. It feels just like being surrounded by nature. The texture and color is pleasing to the eye.

Health Benefits: The wooden bathtub will not be as cold as other appliances, and the solid wood has good heat preservation property. Bathe in a wooden barrel for 20 minutes at a time to enhance cardiopulmonary function and relieve fatigue. Adding a few drops of essential oils can also beautify the skin and lose weight.

Conserves water: Because the material of the wooden tub bathtub has better heat retention, the body temperature of the person is in balance with the temperature of the water during the bath. Generally, acrylic bathtubs installed in homes need to heat water every certain period of time, but wooden tub bathtubs do not need to do this. Therefore, a wooden bathtub can reduce the waste of water resources to a certain extent.

The wooden tub bathtub is currently the most emerging bathroom ware, and it is being welcomed by more and more. It requires very small space and it is somewhat portable.

The wooden tub bath has no static electricity and good heat preservation performance. According to the test,  there is no problem in soaking for 1 hour and it loses heat 10 times slower than traditional acrylic, cast iron, and enamel. The space requirement for the bathroom is small and the wooden barrel is high and soaks the whole body when sitting. Can meet the requirements of those small bathrooms in small home or spa rooms. Moreover, because the installation is very simple, it is suitable for relocation and recycling.

  1. When the wooden barrel leaves the factory, it will be coated with a layer of tung oil, so in the first few days of purchase, you must keep the bathroom ventilated and open the window regularly to avoid the pungent smell in the home.
  2. Water seepage occurs in the initial test. This is a normal phenomenon. After filling the water, you must soak for more than 12 hours to moist and expand the wood panels. The seepage phenomenon of the wooden barrel will stop.
  3. Because the wood itself will expand and contract with temperature change, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or cold wind. If it is not used for a long time, the wooden barrel can be soaked and sealed with a large plastic bag to prevent the air from taking away moisture.
  4. It is best to put a little water when not in use to make it absorb water and keep the wood saturated and moist, but not too much water because the bathroom itself has certain humidity. Be careful not to keep the dirty water after bathing, so as to prevent wood from absorbing dirty water and accelerating aging or start to mold.
  5. Due to long travel/shipment and/or after the barrel is used for a period of time, the iron wire fixed outside the barrel will be loose. At this time, the barrel can be flipped upside down first, then the iron wire can be easily re-tightened by gently striking the hammer down on it.


*This product can only be shipped on a pallet via trucking couriers. 

Each pallet can hold up to 1-3 unit and plus massage oil or some small items. 

 All sofas and massage beds need to be shipped on a pallet, using a trucking company.
Trucking is different from FEDEX. The shipping is lift gate delivery. It lands the goods closest to customer's commercial shipping address where the truck can park.
If internal delivery is required, the address provided is non-commercial, or secondary delivery is required, we need to be notified in advance. The expenses incurred ($80-$100) will be automatically deducted from the customer's credit card. If automatic deduction is not possible, we will notify you. You should pay us the expenses incurred within 7 days.

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