A Better Website with You in Mind

A Better Website with You in Mind

Let's face it: the old website was... well, old. It worked great for years, but it was well past time to update the user experience—your experience—to something more effortless with better options, and at the same time, simplify the fulfillment flow on our end. Some of the things we've done include:

  • We've improved the menu and made it easier to navigate, added breadcrumb links for you to click your way back and simplified the overall design to make viewing and reading feel more natural.
  • Many of the item images have been updated with higher resolutions and optimized for fast loading (hey, we hate waiting too).
  • We've also made sure this new site is compatible for viewing on all popular browsers, resolution sizes and devices including mobile and tablets (because who doesn't like shopping on the go... or the couch?).
  • New shipping options have been added... as well as new payment options like Paypal and Amazon Payments (coming soon) to give our valued customers more choices during checkout.

We're hoping these updates (along with the many more we didn't list) will help create a wonderful experience for you!

With all that being said, the launch of the new site doesn't mean we're exactly finished yet. We're still making tweaks and adjustments, and there are plenty to be made. In the coming weeks, and maybe months, we'll continue updating images, layouts and descriptions, improving features like the search function, as well as adding new features to make viewing and sharing items a breeze. There's also still some content on the old site that will be move over. All this will take a fair amount of time and not only would we appreciate your patience, we'd absolutely love if you'd let us know if you come across any issues or errors on our site. You can email us at sales@acubest.com or contact us on our Facebook page.

So that's the update for now! Keep an eye out for future updates as well as new promotions! 

Francis C

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