Covid continues to disrupt the supply chain

Covid continues to disrupt the supply chain

We have been out of the AcuStar needles, and some popular herbal formulas for a while now. We want our valued customers to be aware of what is happening within the supply chain.

Over the past year, various situations have affected the shipping time and prices of goods.

Ocean and air freight issues are increasing due to high, non-stop demands
Asia and the United States are both facing high import volumes and congestion at their ports as global trade economies begin to reopen. China’s ports are up 14.5% in volume and the Port of Los Angeles saw a 47% increase in container traffic compared to last year. These high levels of congestion and traffic increase shipping time. Shipment that would normally take four weeks to ship can now take up to nine weeks, causing a shortage in dock workers, ships, and trucks. The rise in demand means the rise in container rates, which ultimately means the rise in shipping costs. Ocean freights are very unreliable and expensive at this point.

Trucking rates have been steadily climbing since last year
Due to Covid regulations, consumer demand, and a shortage of drivers, there has been a truck shortage. High demand and a shortage of trucks are resulting in higher shipping costs that are not expected to clear up until next year.

Covid lockdowns, saturated ports, and lack of labor are all resulting in higher shipping costs. Experts are expecting these high shipping costs to continue and will not be going down anytime soon. Although we cannot control these factors, there are a few things our customers can do to best navigate this time. Be sure place your orders ahead of time and allow ample time for shipping. Subscribe to our email list so that we will notify you instantly once the item is in stock.

Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

Mandy Yue

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